More than Simplifiers and Optimizers?

This post is written in English for it is kind of answer to an English source post over at Simplifiers and Optimizers, by Dilbert creator Scott Adams

Basically, I conform with the idea of Mr. Adams that there are simplifiers and optimizers. But I have to disagree with Mr. Adams when he mixes optimization/simplifying in the process with complication/simplicity in the result. Instead of simplifiers and optimizers I call them makers and thinkers. A maker/simplifier will prefer the straight, quick way to get something made. A thinker/optimizer will prefer a more general or global solution and think before making. As I am an optimizer/thinker (and mathematician) myself I can safely state, that most real optimizers try to build simple systems – by means of global optimization. On the other hand, many simplifiers produce quick results, but after some iterations of simplifiers’ works you often end with unnecessary complicated systems because simplifiers miss global optimization opportunities. Fortunately, the world is not so strictly black and white. I am currently working in a team that tends to optimization. In our everyday’s work we will normally negotiate between the two ends of the scale while respecting additional constraints like deadlines, costs and business value. This conforms to Mr. Adam’s statement “When you are trying to decide between optimizing and simplifying, think of your entire day, not the handful of tasks in question.” and to the old wisdom “Think globally, act locally”.

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